How to merge travel blogs (and grow your website!)

For years, I have had four websites. One of them related to theology (a passion of mine), two travel websites and one about photography (another passion). However, I took a hard look at what I was doing with them and the fact that I was doing three times the work….and then merged them. Read more


Thinking through your marketing plan : A response to Torque by WP Engine

I recently saw an article by Torque called Actionable ways to drive conversions to your Wordpress Website. It was a good article that it was too simple in its thinking. It basically just said use a sale tunnel, get their email, make a call to…

How to ship from Austin, TX

As one of the fasting growing cities in the country and what is quickly becoming the next silicon valley, one of the important things that people need is the ability to ship nationally and internationally. What are the options and which one…

Is Pressable really better than the cheaper hosting companies?

A few years ago, I really got turned on to Pressable, right around the time that they rebranded from Zippykid. The fact that Automattic, the company behind Wordpress just bought a majority stake in Pressable was the final thing I needed to try…
Amtrak Texas Eagle
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Amtrak's Texas Eagle : Taking the train from St. Louis to Dallas

After riding the Missouri River Runner to St. Louis, the next order of business was to use the Texas Eagle by Amtrak to get to Dallas. This train is much bigger and it is made for long haul trips.... all the way to Los Angeles.  It starts…
Missouri River Runner

Amtrak's Missouri River Runner : taking the train from Kansas City to St. Louis

Traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis is typical done by car or by plane but there is another option: Amtrak's Missouri River Runner. It is a train that runs between the cities twice a day. It is a shame that more people do not use the cost…

Eaten Scroll is leaving Kansas City.

By the time that you read this, Eaten Scroll will have move operations to Texas. There is a growing sector of the startup community in the Kansas City area but it is not developed anywhere close to what it needs to be. What does exist is basically…