Village life in Samoa

Going to a Samoan village can be quite the educational encounter. You can learn alot about a culture that is basically untouched by Western ideals for the most part.

Note: this article is written in the context of (Western) Samoa, not American Samoa. The experience would differ a little.

What is life like in a Samoan village?

Samoans are amazing people. If you come into a village; there is a chance they will offer you tea (Commonwealth influence) and some Bananas. They would love to just sit down and talk to you. They will do their best with English so don’t worry about that.

They love to get people from other countries. They will call you “Palagi.” It just means simply you are white. They do not mean it in a racist way though it can seem that way. Samoans are just like that.

Try and come around on the weekends

If you can, come around the Samoan village on the weekend and you can have to To’ona’i. This is like a weekly Thanksgiving dinner for us. It is quite the operation.

Here is a great video from the Food Network about it.

It is quite an amazing feast. You will love it. It is mostly Samoan food but you might just find some western food slip on the table. I have saw Jello and Fried Chicken as well as the Taro.

You will love it. 

Enjoy the time and remember this is not the West. Tradition is you always take off your shoes at a door of a fale, always cross your legs and make sure you honor the presence of the older men in a room. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

Afterwards, just grab your tablet and do some reading on Sunday afternoon! But be careful with your Kindle, Samoans love devices. Really, they do….alot. Just a word to the wise.

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