Sleeping in fales in Samoa

Samoan have slept on beaches in what we would think of as “park shelters” for a very long time.  It works for them and it is quite the experience, a positive one for us. They are called fales.

Samoa is hot! Because of that and poverty; air conditioning is out of the question. The Samoans instead have build homes close to the ocean and without walls….Free Air Conditioning.

Alot of families have build some fales, or huts, next to the ocean that they rent out for $20 (50 Tala) a night and they even cook the food for you.

This is very popular on the South Coast of Upulu (main island) and the big island, Savaii. Depending where you are, you might have or might not have electricity. Make sure you charge up your Kindle before leaving town areas. 

Why fales are amazing

When I go to Samoa, I need to study and take time to read for my studies. There is nothing more relaxing sitting in a hamlet, reading my Kindle, listening to the waves come from the Pacific Ocean.

If I need something to drink, I can just go to the little store down the road and get a 750ml of Coca-Cola or King Cola. (a local soda) Being in the fales is great for everything beside getting on the internet.
Every morning, the guest will bring you a breakfast. It will be some fruit, toast and tea. It is not a buffet line but this is Samoa, after all. Around noon and in the early evening, they will serve you a Samoan dinner. It might look weird but Samoans love their food. In fact, food is a center piece of culture there.

I think I had more hot tea staying in fales in Samoa than I have had in my life. They love tea. It is nice to cleanse your system with it for a few days though. Bring a box of tea bags from Apia might be a smart move.

Bring a light jacket!

Late at night, the wind can get really chilly. You will be glad you had a light jacket or bring a blanket. For the most part, you might not need it but you will be glad you did….especially if it rains. Samoan downpours are not light showers most of the time.


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