Using the train in Malaysia

After a train ride in Thailand, it was very refreshing to get back to the civilized world. For now, that meant Malaysia. Trains in Thailand are not for the weak hearted. That is for sure.
I traveled from Bangkok to Su-ngai Kolok which is a long, long trip on an over-crowded train made of wood. It is not a fun trip. Be forewarned. 

Once you get to Su-ngai Kolok, you will walk about 500 meters to the border and walk across. The Thai side will not speak a word to you probably and the Malaysia side will only ask how long you plan to stay?

Malaysians unloading in Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to Malaysia

After a trip to Thailand, it was refreshing to be in Malaysia. I was in a nation that speaks English, understands it and has some type of western system. You never know you miss Western culture until you are without it.

Once you cross the border, you will look for City Bus (that’s the company name) and they will take to the next town to get the train. The fare is $3.30 Ringgit. That’s $1.04. It is about a twenty ride and the driver will drop you off right at the KTM Berhad station.
You will walk up and buy the ticket for $34 in Malaysian money. ($10.70) and wait for the train. If you have time, walk across the street to where the market is and get you some food for the trip.

They also have a few plugins around the station on the walls and they are cool with you charging your laptop or phone for the trip. In fact, the station police officer let me put my laptop in this office to charge so I could go get some dinner.

Commuters on Malaysia train

Relax and enjoy the train.

I did the overnight trip and learned something. Sleepers in Asia are not made for Americans. If you are over 5’6″, the sleepers will not work well for you. I stand at 6’3″ and they are not made for that…. for sure. It will actually be more comfortable in the seat, even overnight.

They have a meal car opened all the night so you need some food, get it there. They have Pepsi and drinks as well. It reminded me more of a Sari Sari store in the Philippines than anything else. It is great and they have electricity as well so you can pass the time playing Call of Duty.

Around 12 hours later, you will pull in to Sentral Station in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are going on to Singapore, it seems the best option is using a bus.