Ferry from Bantagas to Abra de Ilog, Mindoro

If you are going to Mindoro and not Puerta Galara, you heading to one of the cities. You will probably need a ferry from Batangas to Abra de Ilog. It is the only way to Mindoro to date unless they build a bridge. Probably not happening.

The facts about the Ferry from Batangas to Abra de Ilog.

There is two companies that go there. A big company named Montegros and Besta, old boats and less professional. I have used both. For me, it is just who is leaving next, not the name of the side of it. They all have to pass Coast Guard inspection that is close to US standard.

They leave both ports about every 3-4 hours or so.

The fare is P260 and the curroption, err terminal fee is P10 in Abra de Ilog and P30 in Batangas City. Part of this is because the one in Batangas is a legit terminal with a 7/11 and free wifi.

The ferry from Batangas to Abra de Ilog is roughly 2.5 to three hours.

Bus and other info

There is buses running from Manila to Batangas around the clock and there is buses running from Abra de Ilog to San Joe, Mindoro from about 3am to to 8pm. They basically keep their schedule according to the ferries. Also, Roro bus is owned and operated by one of the ferry companies.

Be aware that companies that have a ferry from Batangas to Abra de Ilog do not always restock their canteens. This means you might not have a soda to drink or snack if you get hungry. Make sure you grab something from 7/11 at the Batangas terminal or something from the Sari Sari by the pier in Mindoro.

I find the best time to make the trip is the midnight one from Batangas and the 4am one from Abra de Ilog. It is mostly just trucks moving stuff and that means you have the benches wide open for a nap if you can handle acting like you are homeless for the night.

Here is some pictures from the trip. Comment if you have questions. : )