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Gates BBQ (Kansas City) review

One of my favorite places in Kansas City to eat is the famous Gates BBQ. They are all over the city but I normally end up at the one on Main. It is by far the best lunch I will have all week. Hands down.

It gets really busy during the lunch hour because people like to come and eat out for a business meeting but if you get into their around two in the afternoon, you should be fine. That has been my experience anyways. When I am home in Kansas City, Gates BBQ is a normal stop at least weekly. Read more

Kansas City Zoo is worth the trip

If you are in KC, you should really think about checking the Kansas City Zoo down in Swope Park. It has been a work in progress for decades but it is worth the time you will spend.

The city and the government has poured alot of money into the zoo to make it not just a place to study animals but a great place for people to come and learn about the animals too. They have about 1,300 animals currently. I think that is alot. Read more

A day at Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

If you are in Apia for a day, especially Sundays; the only thing to go is a day at the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. It is a private park with an amazing reef a few dozen yards out. It is within walking distance from the town of Apia, too. Read more

Maninoa Surf Fales is cool.

I ended up at Maninoa Surf Fales for a few days which one interesting because I am not a surfer. I actually end up missing the bus back to Apia on Saturday and nothing moves on Sunday. I do mean nothing moves on Sunday too. Read more

A Backpacker’s guide to (Western) Samoa : Traveling in Paradise on the cheap!

If you are thinking of being a backpacker in Samoa, you will have a blast. It is everything that someone would want. It is rough. It is undeveloped. The people are friendly. It can be cheap. I have been to the country at least a half dozen times. Well, at least enough the Immigration office knew me on a first name basis.  Read more


Staying at the Tatiana Motel in Apia, Samoa

I stayed at Tatiana Motel that is downtown Apia and it should be a last resort as a place to stay. It double as a venue for prostitution, teenagers trying to make babies and even gay hookups. Basically anyone that will give them the $40 can do whatever they want. It has become a security nightmare. Read more

Relaxing at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

I am a backpacker. I am not a resort type guy. However, when someone offers to give you a free stay at one, you take it. A Fijian businessman I know offered to take me along to Sigatoka and stay at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Read more


Goundar Shipping is going to Kadavu

After my misadventure to Kadavu, I was glad to find out that Goundar Shipping was coming the next day to bring supplies for the government. It was a bigger ferry and much nicer than the old one I was on coming to the island. Venu Shipping has a boat straight out of the 1700’s (in my opinion) Read more