Fiji Water: Should you buy it?

Fiji Water is from the Fiji Islands, right? Kinda. It is tapped and bottled in Fiji but it is not really a Fijian company. It is an American owned company and has been for a long time. While you might think buying it is good, it probably is not really helping very many locals.

I know there is a few workers that get jobs out of the bottling by the machines but for the most part, it is not really helping the Fijians. I am not saying you shouldn’t buy it. I am just saying that paying an over priced premium for it is not really worth it in the end. It is just make investors on Wall Street fat.

Understand what is happening with Fiji Water

David Gilmour is a Canadian businessman that back in the 1990’s worked out a deal with the Government of Fiji (in other words, gave them money) so he could bottle untouched water and sell it to the world. Somewhere along the line, he made the company into a multinational enterprise and sold it off to Stewart Resnick that owns it now. Their offices are not even in Fiji. They are headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

In 2007, 2008 and 2010, there was problems with the government. At one point, Fiji Water closed down their operations and laid off everyone. They are now operating at 60% of what they were back in 2007. This is due to the government trying to introduce a bottled water tax that is aimed at Fiji Water.

In the end, it just hurts the customer. After all, the tax is passed on to the guy at the checkout counter.

Fiji Water is premium water

In the end, the water is pure and premium. What you expect from a bottle of it, you will get. The issue is not quality. It is just the business model they use is not actually Fijian. It is very North American. That is all I saying. You make the choice now that you have the facts.


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