Wifi in Suva is a challenge

I can not recall a single place that offers free wifi in Suva. I just can’t. I do not even remember the hotels offering. It not as expensive as the internet in Samoa but very much the same problem: if a place has it, it is pricy. The logic behind this is mind blogging and just doesn’t make sense. Fiji does need to get into twenty first century.

There is some options to get online that are not too expensive. That is the good news. The bad news is finding the internet should not be that hard. In the end, the lack of widespread wifi in Suva is only bad for the people of Fiji.

How to find wifi in Suva

Basically, the best option is to find an internet cafe that has a strong connection. There is three of them that I found that are pretty cool with letting your laptop. One of them even had decent desktops so you might just use what they have.

The first one (and the one I recommend) would be on Gordon St (across the main park in Suva) and they have pretty new computers. The connection was the best I have seen in Fiji. I do not remember the name of it.

Across the street is another decent one (not as good) in the back of a Chinese restaurant. If you have alot of work to do, I would suggest using their promotional for gamers. It is $10 Fijian for all night.

The third one is actually ran by the government. It is operated by Connect Fiji and it is next to their offices. It is between McDonald’s and the movie threatre. I do not remember the prices there but I think it was about $3 FJD an hour.

Do you know of any?

If you have been to Fiji and know where to find wifi in Suva, people let me know where and what was your experience. Also, let us know about the speed that you experienced.

I also understand that Vodofone Fiji has entered into the DSL market who could mean more options for wifi in Suva. Who knows how developed it will become. I have my doubts as it would compete directly with their dongle business selling data to mobiles over the 4G networks.

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