Taufua beach fales is the place to be!

If you are looking for a great beach experience on your Samoa Holidays, checking out Taufua beach fales is something you would be very interested in. It is the closest to the hostel experience that you will get in Samoa. I really enjoyed the time I spend there every time I was in Samoa.

It is on the world famous Lalomanu beach in the Aleipata District. This is one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever been on. I have seen many of them including living in Boracay of the Philippines.

Taufua Beach fales is at ground zero of Lalumanu Beach too. It is the best place to be while in the area! It is also the most developed of the beach fales there as well. I believe they were the original one too.

Taufua beach fales sign

What was my experience?

After a long bus ride from Apia that seemed like eternity going up and down hills, I arrived at Lalumanu at the door of the Taufua Beach fales. It was refreshing to feel that wind finally.

As I was getting there late, my first concern was getting dinner and enjoy their food. The kitchen stuff there is quite amazing at what they do. I had some amazing Samoan food and a big bottle of Coke. Nothing is better after a long day of traveling.

The next morning, I wake up and just wanted to relax at the beach for the day and that is exactly what I did. The place is very good for relaxation. It is just so peaceful when you get away from the bar area a little. (All the beer drinkers can be a little loud)

By the second day, I needed to fire up the laptop and start doing a little work while I was there. There is no internet to speak of this far out but I still needed to get things ready to upload when I get back to civilization (if you call Apia that).

All in all, the Taufua Beach fales was great, the food was amazing and the staff give great hospitality.
taufua beach fales main

How to get to Taufua Beach fales

This is the challenge for backpackers. There is a bus that goes directly there. Look for the bus marked Aleipata. The challenge is they only go twice a day and none of them go anywhere on Sundays. I had to take the afternoon bus that was full.

The other issue is that the ride is very long. It is well over two hours to get there. It is only 61 kilometers or 37 miles from Apia but the bus stops and goes often along the way.

There is also a stop at a general store on the way out of Apia that takes about 20-30 minutes. I would suggest getting some snacks while there. There is little to nothing out by Taufua Beach Fales in the way of shopping. Sorry, no 711 in Samoa.
taufua beach fales huts

What are the rates?

According to the website, they are charging between $37 and $48 USD a night per person. That includes breakfast, dinner, unlimited tea/coffee/milo, and the Sunday Feast!


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