The Sony A99 II changed my mind

I have been a Nikon shooter for many years, over 15 years in fact, but the release of the Sony A99 II changed me and I am switching to Sony DSLR system as a result. Read more

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Wishbone Fiji has great chicken!

One of the best restaurants in the islands is a place known as Wishbone Fiji. It is part of the Pizza King chain. I am not a fan of the pizza but the chicken is pretty damn good if you ask me. Read more


Sony A77 is very interesting to me!

I have become very interested in the Sony A77. I will be buying one soon. I just want to discuss with you why I am choosing the A77 and not the mirrorless Sony A6300 or even the Sony A77 II. Read more

St. Joseph, Missouri is a cool town!

St. Joseph, Missouri is really an oversized town more than a city but it is also my hometown. I rarely write about this and I am not one of these “hometown proud” types of guys but I had the opportunity to do a post about it, so here we are. I do enjoy the friendships and the people I have meet in “Joe Town.” I am also proudly a graduate of Lafayette High School on the north side. Read more


SEO for Adsense Tutorial : Understand locations

If you want to make money on WordPress (we all do, right?), you will need to learn how to get the right people click the right thing from the right location. Believe it or not where your reader lives has a major effect on how much you are paid. Read more


How to use Attracta for creating sitemaps

There is a website called Attracta that is popular but do you know that there are a few free tools that can really help you grow your footprint on the search engines if you use them properly. Make no mistake about it, they want to get you to upgrade to their paid services but you can work about their sales pitches and benefit greatly from their services. I have used them to get my sitemaps out to all the engines, check the blacklist with Google, get a backlink, and check to make sure they have indexed me properly. Read more


Samyang 85mm (1.2) is coming to Nikon

Well, if the word on the street is right, Nikon users can be planning to see a Samyang 85mm (1.2) very soon in stores. What does it means and more importantly, does it mean a hill of beans to us? I believe it does for a few reasons. Read more


Are back links against the rules?

I was on Facebook the other day and there was a question going around in a group about if back links are against the rules of Google. The easy answer is kinda. Officially, Google would be frowning on the issue of networks that exchange links. However, it is technically organic linking.  Read more



Holidays to Fiji can be cheap!

One of the best decisions you can make is taking a week off and having a holidays to Fiji. It might just be a weekend or it might be eight months like I did. Either way, coming to the Fiji Islands is a very smart (and relaxing) choice to make in life. Read more