SEO for Adsense Tutorial : Understand locations

If you want to make money on WordPress (we all do, right?), you will need to learn how to get the right people click the right thing from the right location. Believe it or not where your reader lives has a major effect on how much you are paid.

The fact of the matter is that a click  from the United States is going to pay more than a click from Cameroon. Companies bid on how much they will pay for this and that and one of those major factors is the country. An example would be political ads. They would not pay to show ads in Tuvalu when it is an American election, right?

Here is how you want to check where you click for an article is coming so you can know if you want to spend time making it do better on searches. The harsh truth is many articles are not worth the investment of time.

The first thing that you need to is search my pages instead of by queries. This will tell you what page actually get clicked on and how many impressions they got. This is very useful because we want to see if an article that is doing well is worth making better to adsense.

As you see my top article is about Dumaguete City Sex tourist spots. It gets over 350 clicks and 1 in 5 search click on my article. Let’s see it if has a good ROI to make it better.

The next thing you do is select the article you want data on and now, instead of clicking on page, you click on countries. That’s it. You now are looking at where people click for just that one article.

As you can see 165 clicks are from the Philippines (not good) following by United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and France. The last four are good locations to be getting clicks from the first one (Philippines) is not that great. It would take a lot of clicks to make little money from the Philippines.

Why is IP location matter to Adsense so much?

One the first thing you notice about my top countries for profit is the Philippines is the fifth place at only $18.92 and 136 clicks. What is interesting is second in total page views by a long shot. Canada has less than a fourth of the views and is making a 1.25 times as much money as the Philippines.

If we do the math, we see a click is making on average around $.77 but the Philippines is only offering around $.13 per click. The value of a click from the Philippines is about 15% of the same click from America. Unless you think you could spam Facebook groups to get 1,000% the traffic presently, it is better move to focus on articles that are read by Americans, Australians, and Canadians.

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