Why bloggers should focus on America

I am a blogger. I am not just a blogger but I am a travel blogger. As such I write about different places and as I looking through some stuff for Travel the Fire!, I realized something: people coming the United States were almost 1000% more valuable to the website than from any other country.  Read more


Guard your passport in Asia: Understanding your duties with your passport

There is some things that goes on in Southeast Asia, namely in Cambodia and Vietnam, that you need to be aware of when it comes to handling of passports. The problem is many people do not understand what is their role as a holder of a passport and thus, they do things that are actually against the law. If the wrong things happen, they could lose their right to travel. Read more


Complete guide to Redding Municipal Airport

If you are going to Mount Shasta or anywhere in Northern California, the Redding Municipal Airport is the only option to fly into the area. However, using it might not be the best option. To be honest, the airport is largely underdeveloped and they can’t seem to attract airlines. Read more


WorldRemit was a lifesaver!

I sent some money, like I always do, from my bank account to the Philippines using Western Union. Well, they made a mistake. As a result; goodbye Western Union, hello WorldRemit! Read more


Norwegian Airlines is cheap for long flights


I have alot of European friends and they have been raving about Norwegian Airlines for quite some time. They told me it is the AirAsia on Europe and flights to America are dirt cheap too. I was not that convinced but as I have watched the fares after the last few months, I am starting to believe! Read more

LBJ Medical Center: America’s worst hospital!

When I came to American Samoa, I had a medical emergency. That means a trip to LBJ Medical Center. It is not what you want but when you have a seizure disorder, it happens. I was looking forward to be on US soil to see an American doctor, at least. Read more

Herrnhut, Germany: My journey

Herrnhut, Germany has an interesting history, especially if you are a student of church history (I am). A local politician known as Count Zinzendorf gave refuge to some people fleeing prosecution after the execution of John Hus. Those people formed what became the town of Herrnhut!

They called themselves the Moravians and they lived by their religious standards the best they could. They were really big on piety of the soul. This would actually lead to problems later with self-degrading themselves. At one point, it was they just were “worms.”

Today, the town is home to several churches and a few thousand Morivians. In fact, I was there to be part of some meetings with YWAM Herrnhut, a missionary group based out of Kona, Hawaii.
YWAM Herrnhut

History of Herrnhut, Germany

In 1727, the Morivians started a prayer meetings that went for over a century! They were committed to praying for the souls of the world. They placed prayer as the core of all spiritual life.

They also were very committed to going from Herrnhut to the world. Much of the Eastern United States first heard the gospel because of the Morivians. In fact, John Wesley had a spiritual encounter at their hands.

Another cool fact is they went to Jamaica to evangelize. In less than a year, one third of the population were Christians and were baptized in the ocean.

Herrnhut Germany street

The dissection of today’s image

These are are older images from my mission trip to Herrnhut back in 2003 so I do not really remember how I took them. I do know it was with a Nikon D90. I do remember that much. I am sorry that I can’t tell you much more about the shooting of them.

I was on my server and found the images and thought it would be a cool blog to talk about the trip to this small but interesting town.

Again, sorry about the lack of editing information. Can you forgive me? 🙂

Oral Roberts University is amazing!

I went to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa! It might not matter to you that I went to the best school in the country but it did matter to me. I loved my time there and the education I got was some of the best anywhere. Read more

Sony mirrorless is better? : A response to Jason Lanier

If you do not know who Jason Lanier, he is a talented photographer based in California that in 2015, switched from Nikon DSLR system to using the Sony mirrorless system. In fact, his “claim to fame” seems to be his switch to mirrorless. Read more