Pressable Hosting: My experience

We tried using Pressable Hosting for our hosting and well, it sound good. The devil is always in the details though. They do have the ability to a great hosting company though. Read more


MediaTemple & The Grid : First Impressions

I have divorced Hostgator without chance of ever coming back. A relationship of 13 years is over and no, we are not getting back together. It is over. I am now dating MediaTemple. Read more


Can Filipinos travel? : A response to Traveling Pinoys

I have recently came across an article written by a Filipino about why they can’t just quit their jobs to travel. While there is some great points in it (and worth checking out), I find some of them to be at outdated thinking that many in the Philippines still hold. Here is the article in question.  Read more

Was really that out of line? A response to Jason Lanier

Photographers using Sony DSLR and Sony mirrorless cameras are buzzing about an article written on about questions to ask a photographer. They seem to be offended that a photographer said to use Canon or Nikon. I actually do not have an issue with that. Read more