Western Union online is flawless?

Like Remitly, WorldRemit and Xoom, Western Union has come to the online money transfer business too. They have been in the business since it really started a century ago. That is one of the benefit of using Western Union online is their vast network of locations.

For me, it is a no brainier as I used the Western Union Netspend system for making purchases internationally (I live in the Philippines). However, I do not use their app but the main one on the Western Union website.

As I said, one of the things to think about is that Western Union is in every little town in the world. I have seen a Western Union in the middle of a village in Fiji. You will not have a problem with them serving an area you are sending money to, that is for sure.

How to send money with Western Union Online

It is really simple,actually…. all you need to do is go to their website and fill out the form on it. It really is that simple.

Let’s assume that I want to send $100 US Dollars to India that can be paid on my debit card and picked up at a location. For some reason, the transaction fee for a fix amount might be different in different countries.

In most cases, you would want to select “Cash Pickup” as bank account in many of these countries is nothing more than a libibility to have.

The next page is where you tell Western Union who your receiver is and their information. In this case, I am the reciever that I would just need to give them my mobile number and add my email address.  Then, of course, hit continue!

The next screen is where you would put your credit or debit card information that they need. Western Union Online is secured by SSL technology and it is encrypted end to end.

Some challenges you might encounter

The first one is that the branches are only open during normal business hours. For example, in the Philippines, they all go offline at 7pm. Oddly, Remitly agents are normally around the clock.This is not the end of the world but it is important to know their hours. Every country seems to have different hours set for the branches as well.

I also found the customer service for Western Union to be completely worthless. You might have a better experience it was a lot of “pass the buck” when I had a small issue. It took me over a month of emails back and forth to finally get the issue resolved.

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