Cuyo, Palawan is the forgotten gem of the Philippines

Cuyo, Palawan is is quite honestly one of my favorite places to relax and just unwind for a few days. It is a challenge to go to (no question about it) but that is part of the reason that it is so unique. Most people won’t make the trek to this forgotten gem in the Philippines. Read more

Having safe sex in Samoa: A discussion into the sex trade in the Samoan islands

The Ministry of Health in Samoa recently put out a report called National HIV, AIDS, and STI Policy 2017-2022. In it was some interesting findings from what I understand and even more interesting was the fact that the government actually admitted that prostitution was a problem in Samoa. (like poverty, they have always denying it) Read more

Nikon D850 is out! : Does it work for HDR Photography?

Back in May 2016, I put out an article on what I believed would be the Nikon D820. It was actually named the Nikon D850 and it will be in stores in just a few weeks. It is funny how the few things that I said it must have, most of which it actually does have. Read more

Why traveling as an American is harder than people realize : Unique Challenges of being US Citizen

I am an American. I am proud of it too. I love barbeque and I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. However, when you are moving around Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa; being American is not that glamorous. The “hey joe” of Filipino culture is corky but they are completely innocent compared to the looks given to us by people in Aleppo that wish harm on us based solely on nationality. Read more

How to not offend a Samoan!

I came across an article from Samoa Observer, the local newspaper in Samoa about a woman very upset about some Chinese workers doing intense labor on Sundays. I thought it was worth asking the question: How to not offend a Samoan? Read more

5 tips to save money traveling the Philippines

There is truth to the rumors that the Philippines is having major inflation happen. The cost of everything is going up and that includes the cost of traveling in the Philippines. Read more

Why cheap hosting is dumb for business!

We have all seen the crazy prices for web hosting to get people to sign up. It is not just Godaddy doing it. Hostgator, Blue Host and Siteground do as well to name a few. Many just look the cost and think who ever can give them the best bargain, they will go with. This is a very bad mentality to have when you are talking about web hosting.