Forcing Facebook to change your page name!

If you have a sizable Facebook page, they are very strict on changing the name. They say it can only be “small changes” to the name. In other words, the keyword for the page must rename the same. What this translates to is you can not rebrand your web presence without starting off. However, I fight a way to outsmart Facebook on this issue. Here is how I did it…. Read more

Jesse James : Confederate militia turned outlaw turned legend


Jesse James was from a few miles outside of St. Joseph but he was known to have spend a lot of time in the city. However, he was actually born where Kearney, Missouri is today. It is about 50 miles from the city. He was the son a hemp farmer and a Baptist pastor. His dad also help start the baptist William Jewel University in Liberty. He also had six slaves that farmed over 100 acres of land. Read more

Robidoux Row in St. Joseph is an interesting place to check out!

Much like the Pony Express Museum, the Robidoux Row house is also interested but for a different reason. It is the place where Joseph Robidoux, founder of St. Joseph, lived. It is just on the northside of downtown and it is just as you are entering into the Northend as locals call it. (I grew up in the Northend of St. Joseph.) Read more

Walt Disney has unknown ties to Kansas City that formed his views

Walt Disney is an iconic name to the United States but what many forget is that his roots are actually from Missouri, not Florida. In fact, it is commonly believe that the idea behind Mickey Mouse was developed while he had a studio in Kansas City and was attending the Kansas City Art Institute. Read more

Lewis and Clark : Corps of Discovery in Western United States

Meriwether Lewis and his close friend William Clark, better known as Lewis and Clark was send out by Thomas Jefferson to explore and find water routes to the Pacific. It was officially known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition. It took from May 1804 to September 1806 to complete it. Read more

3 Best in Kansas City Barbecue

There is little that defines what the largest city in Missouri that the famous Kansas City Barbecue. As a regular to Kansas City, I look forward to have it every time I am around. It is something you do NOT want to miss. Read more

America’s fixation with tacos

Americans have always loved Mexican food and that includes their staple of it all: tacos. Yea, we have “Americanized” the food and made it into what we call “Tex mex” but the idea is the same. It has something that people eat at home, restaurants and over the camp fire for as long as I  can remember. There is even several highly successful chains based on it like Taco Bell, Taco Johns and Taco Beuno. The struggle for tax fixation is very real. Read more

Lambert’s Cafe: home of the thrown rolls

One of the most popular places to eat in the Midwest is called Lambert’s Cafe and there is only three of them. I have been lucky to have eaten at all of them. Two are in Missouri and one is in Alabama. Read more

County fair food in Small town, America

One of the good things about the Midwest is our county fair culture. Most countries, especially in the rural areas always have one and it brings out the best in people. People are proud to share whatever they do. It might be woodworking, food, craft, or livestock. Many of them even have a Demolition Derby. The best of the best of each of these will probably end up at the State Fair. Read more

Watkin’s Mill State Park

On the way out of Kansas City, on the outskirts of Lawson, Missouri is Watkin’s Mill State Park. It is a glorious 100+ acres of land that set aside for camping, hiking and fishing. One thing that is of interest for many is the paved bicycle path that circles the entire state park. Read more