America’s fixation with tacos

Americans have always loved Mexican food and that includes their staple of it all: tacos. Yea, we have “Americanized” the food and made it into what we call “Tex mex” but the idea is the same. It has something that people eat at home, restaurants and over the camp fire for as long as I  can remember. There is even several highly successful chains based on it like Taco Bell, Taco Johns and Taco Beuno. The struggle for tax fixation is very real.

No one really know how old the taco really is (we do know it was being eaten in Mexico before the Spanish came) but has made through the ages and cultural changes in Mexico. Hernán Cortés was also know to have a passion for taco feasts himself as well. Can you blame him? I can’t.

For most Americans, the taco fixation is passed down from father to son and father to son. Having tacos is a bonding experience for families in many cases. I remember very clearly eating tacos at Taco Bandito by my house growing with my dad.