Trey Ratliff Lightroom Presets review

Trey Ratliff from Stuck in Customs has these Lightroom presets that he sells. I was able to pick up his latest collection and I wanted to see what they would look like.

For those of you that might not follow him, Trey Ratliff is a popular HDR Photographer that is an American living in New Zealand. He runs a blog about photography called Stuck in Customs that many people check out for his images that he post most days. He is quite good at editing images as well. In fact, more people probably follow him for his editing knowledge than the image themselves.

I am a somewhat advanced user of Lightroom, Photoshop and PhotoMatix Pro. However, there has been times that I learned something from Trey. He always seems to find a new way to do something. It is quite amazing to watch to be honest. I wish he did more live editing for people but hey, he has a business to run and I get that.

About the image used for testing Trey Ratliff Lightroom presets

This is a farm house on the outskirts of Hopkins, Missouri. It is a town right on the Iowa line and it is the area that my mother is from. I do not remember the names of the people who live there. I am sure I could ask around in the family and found out if I remember needed to.

I just randomly picked five presets to test for this and I did NO other editing to the images besides simply clicking the preset and saving the image. What you see is what you get. I thought they would be best to give you an idea of what you could expect. There is a few dozen of these presets though so you are only see five of about 30 of them.

Stuck in Custom Preset: Aurora

Stuck in Customs Preset: Big Wheel Race

Stuck in Customs Preset : Left in the Sun

Stuck in Customs Preset :Marketstreet

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