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What the Samoa passport scandal means to travelers to the Samoan Islands

There is a scandal underway concerning Samoan passports. It seems to go all the way up to the Prime Minister (not a surprise) and involves several levels of leadership. Part of this is being blown out by a mysterious guy named OLP (clearly not his real name). However, it could have some indirectly effects on travelers to Samoa. Read more

How I lived on Krystal’s for a year and loved it too!

I was living in Cleveland, Tennessee back then and I learned to love Krystal’s. It is kinda the south’s answer to White Castle. It is insanely popular in the southern states and I do mean insanely. Read more

Why I believe in America : How living in Asia taught me to love the United States

I grew up in the Midwest and always was given a deep respect for the country. We salute the flag, we say the pledge, we stand for the national anthem. Things like these were just not optional for me. I am not ashamed to call myself an American. Read more

How to get cheap flights in America : Budget travel DOES exist!

I realize that most people do not connect travel in the United States with cheap. This is especially true if you have been to places like Philippines, Thailand or Cambodia. However, the truth you can still get some pretty cheap flights on airfare. Read more

Why I support Donald Trump and stand against Rodrigo Duterte!

Last night, I was is a discussion that I really did not want to have. It was with another blogger that doesn’t like the fact I am support the “pussy grabber.” (Never mind all the cases of Democrat and sexual harassment in offices!) He thought it was hypocritical of me to be a Trump supporter and a traveler. I do not see that one has anything to do with the other. Read more


Samoa Air is bad news for Samoa : Why the new flag carrier will harm tourism!

I have been following this launch of Samoa Air, the new airlines that is owned by the government of Samoa and seeing how they developed it. Too be quite honest, I am holding my breath about it because while Samoans can do many things, running large corporations does not seem to be in their skill set. The list of failed airlines in Samoa is quite long. Read more


Complete guide to Kansas City International Airport

While the glory days of TWA are over, Kansas City International Airport still remains to be a major hub to the United States and North America. It is from here that you can connect to about anywhere on the continent. The vast area of the airport is somewhat a challenge to get around so here is your guide to the airport. Read more


Getting around Kansas City : How to Ride KC (the bus) service

If you are coming to Kansas City to visit and you are arriving by either air, train or bus; you might need to get around using the Ride KC or the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. This is also known as the city bus to the locals. Read more

Using Greyhound to travel America is not as bad as it sounds

I have traveled all over America and sometimes, that included using the Greyhound Bus Line. It is not as bad as some may it out to be. In fact, there has been some major updates to the buses they use in recent years. It can be a pretty cheap way to visit different places. Read more

Why I love Amazon Kindle!

One of the best tools I have is honestly my Amazon Kindle. I still remember when I hear about it coming out. I was pumped. You would have to have lived overseas to understand why it is a heaven send to me. Read more