How Amazon changes will help photographers

Amazon is a company that many of us to use to get many products from including cameras and computers. They also provide many services such as Amazon Web Services that many photographers use. However, the news hit this morning that Amazon is laying off at least a hundred employees. What does it mean for consumers like us? Read more


Complete guide to Fagalii Airport in Apia, Samoa

Just on outskirts of Apia town, the capital of Samoa is Fagalii Airport. It is here that you would go to fly to American Samoa using smaller eight seater planes. It is not much of an airport and you might miss it if you are not looking for it but it is useful for the purpose it was designed for: for planes to take off and land. Read more

Guide for Faleolo International Airport : Gateway for your Samoa Holiday

If you are thinking about a Samoa holiday, you will have to fly into Faleolo International Airport. It is the only international airport and only one of two in the whole country. The other one is Fagalii Airport. However, if you are going anywhere but American Samoa, this is the only one that matters. Read more