Traveling with Epilepsy : Considerations for those with seizure disorders

I have Epilepsy. I do not consider myself an Epiletic. It is a disability that I deal with in life but it does not define me as a person. However, when I am traveling, there are considerations that I do have to make due to the disability. A lack of proper support can turn deadly.  Read more

Newspapers make society more accountable?

Like many, I see a lot of articles in my news feed. One of them that I came across today was about how local newspaper closing down have a direct relationship with increase spending in government. Read more


Chattanooga, Tennessee : Gateway to the Appalachians

We are starting a series about the things to do in the Appalachians Mountains. In the first of the series, we want to look at the main city of the region, Chattanooga. It is also one of our 18 cities to visit in 2018.  What does this city of almost 200,000 people have to offer?  Read more