Fales in Samoa are awesome!

One of the most amazing things about visiting Samoa is the beach fales that you can stay in for cheap. This is especially true on the South Coast of the main land and the bigger island, Savaii. 

These are native build structures that are smaller than the ones that the natives live in still to this day. The smaller one right on the beach are for tourists to rent for $25 to $50 a night with meals included.

There is nothing like waking up with the beauty of the Pacific Ocean as the first thing that you see in the morning.

Travel Tip for Samoa

After landing at Faleolo International Airport, you can go directly to the South Coast at a premium price. It is suggested to go to Apia for a day and get the bus behind the market. Expect to pay around $5 (USD)

It is also important to get whatever you will need in Apia because there is not much in the way of shopping in the villages. There is normally just one shop that has drinks and very basic supplies.

One of the important to know before going anywhere in Samoa is that only mobile phones (GSM based networks) work outside the capital. Wifi is unheard of in the villages of Samoa.

Making the shot

This, like many on SLR Foundry, is a HDR image. This means that you are looking at three different shots that are put together later using Photomatix Pro.  This was shot in the worst part of the day for photography but it is amazing what Photoshop can do at the end of the day.

Anytime you are shooting images like this, you have to make sure you are using a tripod and that you have the frame just how you want it. In this case, I had to move forward more than I want to keep some broken trees out of the image.


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