Manila Airport is a trip by itself!

Having traveled the world, I find that one of the least loved airport seems to be Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In fact, it has been voted the worst by travelers for several years running. It is really that bad. 

Much like the city of Manila, the airport is a piece of work. There is a reason that people try to avoid Manila’s airport by flying to Clark Airport in Angeles City. There must be to make people have a two hour drive just to stay out of this hellhole.

One of the reasons that some people just want to avoid it all together is that there is four different terminals and moving between them is not that easy. To be honest, it is more like four airports and a military base using a common runway than one airport.

Travel tip for Manila Airport

If you can, fly into the newest terminal, Terminal 3 which is served by most of the budget airlines and a few regional ones. It is the easiest to move around and it is the only one that is halfway bearable if you have a long layover.

The other good thing about using the new terminal at Manila Airport is there is a shuttle called Airport Loop that will take you to the main intersection to grab a train or regular cab.

If you need a place to work, there is a Pizza Hut on the third floor that is open all day that is cool with people just plugging in their laptop and working while waiting on their flights. They have their own wifi as well. The one the airport provides is nothing to write home about.

Thoughts about the Image

There is nothing really special about the image itself. It is just a quick shot through the terminal’s glass. The real work is done behind the laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop. Like many of my images, the magic is behind the screen, not behind the camera.

What people see is about 5 or 6 layers of editing. The first thing was to make three different exposures, edit them in Photomatix Pro and then finally edit them in Lightroom.

One thing different about this image is the foreground. In order to change the look, I took a brush adjustment and change the saturation. (-49). It just gives it a cool look that makes the HDR image look more surreal.



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