Eaten Scroll is leaving Kansas City.

By the time that you read this, Eaten Scroll will have move operations to Texas. There is a growing sector of the startup community in the Kansas City area but it is not developed anywhere close to what it needs to be. What does exist is basically a “good ole boy system.”

When I came home to Kansas City, I thought it was more developed and when I realize it was not, I still tried to make it work. I am from the city. I graduated from high school here. I got my first job here. I build my first dozen websites here too.

The reason that I said that Kansas City is a smart place to base remain true. It is still a major logistic hub for the region and the airport does serve every major airport in the country. None of that changes. If anything, they will at some point, get all the problems worked out and it will probably be a major startup city.

However, this is not right now and I need a startup community that is developed today. This is the main reasons (as far as business goes that I am moving to Austin, Texas.

10 reason Eaten Scroll left the city of Fountains

Many of them might not matter to you but they did matter to me so the company moved!

10) Geography of the city.

Kansas City is very large geographically speaking. In fact, it is 319 square miles. That is a third of the size of Delaware! While that is not a huge deal under normal cases, for someone who is disabled and has to depend on public transportation; it sucks!


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