How to ship from Austin, TX

As one of the fasting growing cities in the country and what is quickly becoming the next silicon valley, one of the important things that people need is the ability to ship nationally and internationally. What are the options and which one is best for e-eCommerce?

There is at least six different options out there for people moving things from Austin, TX to anywhere in the country and really the world. Some of them are quite effective and some are pretty cheap too.

  • U.S. Post Office
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL Express
  • Greyhound
  • Amtrak Shipping

US Post Office

The good thing for selling on Ebay or Amazon and shipping using the Post Office is you can get out quickly and delivered anywhere for a cheap price. I use to have things sent from Kansas City, Missouri to Pago Pago, American Samoa in about a week for just about $15.

The whole “if it fits, it ships” is just down right amazing. It makes shipping things to any city in the country quite effective including some of the most remote islands in the Pacific like Palau.

UPS, FedEx, and DHL

These companies are all about the same: private, for profit enterprise. They have different systems and different hubs but they can get anything to about anywhere at a premium price. Some of them move packages mainly by land and other perfer Air but they all can get a package to the customer within 24 hours from across the country.

In order to make this work, it seems that you would need to have a lot of stuff to move. It is widely used by Dell that is has a major hub in Austin. However, I am not sure how useful it would be for some small time seller.

Greyhound Package Express

One of the ways that people don’t think about is using Greyhound Bus as a way to move things. There is always a bus moving somewhere from Austin. A bus can move a package from Austin to Bangor, Maine in just over a day. They also offer door to door service as well.

In my experience, they are not competitive with the US Postal Service but they can move things as quickly and for less than FedEx or UPS. The good thing about using Greyhound is there is a station for them about everywhere.

Amtrak Express Shipping

Another great options if you are shipping to a major city would using Amtrak Express Shipping. I have used them from Kansas City, Missouri to Redding, California. It was a great way to move a lot of stuff quickly. It was sitting at the Amtrak Station in Redding within 50 hours.

The only challenge to using them is making sure that the customer is close to a Amtrak Station which is not always true. The route map for Amtrak does leave so areas of the country out of service.

In my experience, it is best to pick one of them and use them exclusively than just try and get the cheapest way at times. All of them have their benefits and their limitations.




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