2Go Travel ferry to Boracay!

Are you going to Boracay but don’t want a bullet donated to you at the airport? Another option will be to take the 2go Travel ferry to Boracay. It is very easy to do with one small hiccup. It doesn’t leave from Manila!

Let’s get the big issue out of the way from the start. The ferry actually uses the Port of Batangas that is a few hours south of Manila because it is a direct line to Boracay. It saves about four hours at sea. However, it means you have to take a bus to the port that is 90 miles away.

What is the ferry to Boracay like?

2go Travel is a pretty professional companies. They have tried to be a step up from being a ferry but not a cruise ship. They have made the deck area into a bar and even have a live band out there even it is not pouring. It is mainly to get people buy beers and stay and listen to the latest songs being sung.

When you wake up at 6am, the ferry to Boracay is pulling into Malay, Alkan; the town’s port that operates Boracay Island. After that, all you have to do is get a ferry across to the island next door.

What is up with this Batangas thing?

As I said, it leaves out of Batangas and not Manila. What this means is you will need to go to one of the bus companies that is making the trip. The best one tends to be JAM. They have a terminal on Taft Ave in Pasay City and one along ESDA  in Quezon City. The fare from the Pasay terminal is 167 pesos and it is a little more from the ESDA terminal. The trip is 90 minutes.

The only downside of using buses in the Philippines, especially from Manila is they will not leave until every single seat is full. It can be quite uncomfortable for someone that is 6’3″ (like me).

Have you done the ferry to Boracay? If so, what was your experience?

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