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7 things to do in Apia, Samoa!

Are you going to be in Apia? If you are you might be interested in what there is to do. While it might not be the iconic South Coast or Savaii; it is all dead either. Here is 7 things to do while in Apia, Samoa!

All of these are for just a few dollar or less. Last Kodiak specializes in doing the Pacific on the cheap and spending a day in Apia is no exception to that mission.

While things can be pricy in Samoa, there is always a way to do it cheaper. The Samoans have done it on the cheap for generations after all.


Things to do #1: Check out the markets

I realize that the Flea Market has burned down but there is also little market shop around to waste time in. It is cool to see the workmanship of the Samoan. It does not hurt to spend a buck or two on a lava lava or buy a t-shirt from them.

These shops are scattered all over the town area and along Beach Rd. Most of them owned by the families and staffed by their teenage children.

apia flea market

Things to do #2: Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Robert Louis Stevenson is famous for writing Treasure Island and other books but a lesser known fact is he lived his final years in Samoa. In fact, he is buried on the hill overlooking the city of Apia.

His home has changed hands a few times but ultimately the Mormon Church bought it and made it into a business for their enterprise. According to their website, Admissions is set at $20 Tala for adults. That is about $8 USD.

robert louis stevenson museum

Things to do #3: The Museum of Samoa

Now, for a FREE thing to do, check out the Museum of Samoa. It is run by the government and is open most weekdays. You can really learn alot about the customs, history and culture of the Samoan people by wasting an hour or so in their little museum.

I checked it out one day just to pass time and I have to say it was quite interesting. It is on Vaitele street by the hospital.

Things to do #4: Check out the Apia Library

This is the last educational thing on the list, I promise but I love libraries. I want to know more about the people and their history. I spend an afternoon out of heat reading up on the Samoan people. I had no idea that the people in Samoa came at some point from the Philippines. It is quite interesting to me. I also learned alot about Polynesian people in general.

The lady working in the reference room is quite smart and I believe that she was educated in Australia. She was very passionate about the history of Samoa. I do remember that.


Things to do #5: Papase’ea Sliding Rocks

Depending how much rain there has been, a great option could be going to the Papase’ea Sliding Rocks just above Apia. It is a beautiful place to relax and when it has rained alot, there is a natural water slide!

If I remember correctly, the fee is $5 Tala ($2 USD) and they have an area for cooking if you want to do a picnic. The village that you need to know to get there is called Seesee. Learn from my experience and don’t talk to walk it in the heart of Samoa!



Things to do #6: Village Volleyball

Samoans are crazy about volleyball and they play in every village every evening besides Sundays. If you have time to waste and enjoy hanging out with locals in your travel, grab a game of it at any village…. even in Apia.

Be forewarned though: Samoans are very good at the game and you might be a little humiliated. It is not that they want to, they just play it so much that they are that good. Yes, I am speaking from experience.


Things to do #7: Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

No list of things to do in Apia would be complete without talking about Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. This is a shallow coral reef just outside of the town area of Apia. Just past the customs area at the Port of Apia.

It is a great place to spend the afternoon, cook some sausages, do some snorkeling and just relax. There is a small fee ($5 Tala) there is showers on site.


What did I miss?

If you have been to Apia, what did you do while there? Is there something I missed? I would love to hear your adventure in Apia!

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