Starting a business in Fiji?

Some people want to stay in Fiji and get involved in tourism as a business. Is starting a business in Fiji possible? If so, what is the red tape? Read more

Relaxing at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

I am a backpacker. I am not a resort type guy. However, when someone offers to give you a free stay at one, you take it. A Fijian businessman I know offered to take me along to Sigatoka and stay at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Read more


Goundar Shipping is going to Kadavu

After my misadventure to Kadavu, I was glad to find out that Goundar Shipping was coming the next day to bring supplies for the government. It was a bigger ferry and much nicer than the old one I was on coming to the island. Venu Shipping has a boat straight out of the 1700’s (in my opinion) Read more


Kadavu is amazing but remote

I met a guy that ask me to help him get to Kadavu because I knew Fiji. I did not mind trying to make the trip because I had not been off the main island where Suva and Nadi are. It would be fun and I knew that Kadavu was a wild place. The US and Australia were just there arresting people for drugs. I knew it was the wild west of Fiji. The very first person I met when I got off the ferry was the local weed guy! Read more


Wifi in Suva is a challenge

I can not recall a single place that offers free wifi in Suva. I just can’t. I do not even remember the hotels offering. It not as expensive as the internet in Samoa but very much the same problem: if a place has it, it is pricy. The logic behind this is mind blogging and just doesn’t make sense. Fiji does need to get into twenty first century. Read more


South Seas Hotel is a no go!!!

I stayed at the South Seas Hotel in Suva, Fiji a few times and it is a cool building. It has a great location and they do have a small kitchen you can use for basic cooking. The other thing I liked is you was within walking distance to the rest of Suva City (at least downtown). Read more


Suva Bus Station is wild!

If you are in Suva, you probably will ride a local bus at least once. It will be a wild ride and if you do at night, they double as “party buses” for the locals. Your adventure starts at the Suva Bus Station! Read more


Air Vanuatu is going to Suva City

I am not sure how long they have been doing this but I just noticed that Air Vanuatu is now serving Suva, or Nausori International Airport, more correctly. Read more


Rotuma is a dream!

I have been basically everywhere in Fiji that I want to go but one: Rotuma.

It is an island of Polynesian people living about two hours away from the main island by plane. It is very hard (and expensive) to get to. The other option is a three day trip up but that means you have to wait a month for the next trip back. Read more


Nausori (Fiji) is more than the airport

Many people think of Nausori and all they think about is the Nausori International Airport. I believe this is a mistake and it is worth looking at as more than just the place you land if you are going to Suva. I will admit that most tourist only use the airport and get to the city but that does not mean there is not more to it. Read more