Samoa’s iconic Fire Dance culture!

If there is anything that is iconic for Samoa, it is the culture of the fire dance. This was one of my favorite things to watch while in Samoa. I just loved to watch these guys throw around fire knifes ablazed! Read more

Samoan dance and its’ subculture

One of the most unique part of the Samoan culture is their Samoan dance subculture. It is very interesting and there is much to it that I really understand. I just know it from the casual observer point of view and I do not the important of the moves or anything like that. Read more

Samoa weather is tropic!

If you are going on a Samoa Holidays, you will probably need to consider the weather. Unless there is a tropic depression in the area, they have basically two types of weather: very hot and humid and very wet and still humid. It can go between them in 15 minutes on some days too. Read more

Umu: The Samoan food experience!

If there is anything that makes the Samoan food experience, it is the traditional Umu or the earth oven. This is something that I have only seen in Samoa, Fiji and for cultural shows in Hawaii. I do not believe it is done outside of the South Pacific. If that is wrong, let me know. Read more

Samoa tourism is about Backpackers!

I am about to make a very strong statement but I firmly believe this: Samoa tourism must build their tourism sector on the backpacker economy. It makes more more sense to have a 1,000 backpackers in the country working with local tourism operations than than it does to have a dozen high end tourist at internationally owned resorts. Read more

Choosing a Samoa resorts for your Holidays

While Valenisoqo is primarily a resource for people that would be considered backpackers, traveling on the cheap, a portion of our visitors are looking for more touristy upscale options. They want to know about the resorts. If you are heading to the islands, you probably will be a Samoa resorts, right? Read more

Samoan Ava: Cultural drink of Samoa

If you are in Samoa, you will see alot of men drinking a cultural drink. It is known as Samoan Ava. It is a little different than the Fijian Kava. It is loved by the men, detested by the wives and sold to all. Read more

7 things to do in Apia, Samoa!

Are you going to be in Apia? If you are you might be interested in what there is to do. While it might not be the iconic South Coast or Savaii; it is all dead either. Here is 7 things to do while in Apia, Samoa! Read more

Samoa Holidays on $250 a week

One of the most requested articles I get asked about is how to do a Samoa Holidays on a budget. It is not the cheapest place in the Pacific (Fiji is). However, with some careful planning, Samoa can be done quite affordable. The good news is you won’t be tripping over tourist everywhere you go in the islands. Read more

Finding Samoa accommodation

One of the first things to consider when traveling to a country is where to sleep. People are looking for that everywhere. What is the situation for Samoa accommodation options? The good news is there are some cheap(er) choices for the backpacker. However, they are not Southeast Asia cheap. Sorry about that. Read more