BlueSky Samoa & Internet in Samoa

One of the things that everyone needs when traveling is a mobile signal and an internet connection. While in Samoa, you have two providers: Digicel Samoa and BlueSky Samoa. As of 2013, Digicel is only decent in Apia itself. I am sure they have gotten better since then. Read more

Fish Market in Apia

Besides the Old Flea Market is the traditional fish market. There is where you can get fresh fish from the sea that the fishermen catch every morning. I was able to get some great lobster pretty cheap there (but I realize I do not know how to cook lobster later). Read more

Riding a Samoan bus!

If you want to get around on the cheap while in the Pacific, you will find yourself using one of the Samoan bus. They are very interesting. I think they remember me of the jeepney in the Philippines. They are like everything in Samoa though: bigger!

The concept is pretty straight forward. It is a highway enjoyable experience that gets you from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time. Having traveled to over four dozen countries, it is not always the case that travel is enjoyable or even works.

With that said, this is not the Greyhound in the United States. There is no app that helps you plan a trip or you can forget booking online. However, few should expect that is a small tropical country in the middle of the South Pacific, right?

How riding a Samoan bus works

Basically, it works like bus system anywhere. There is a terminal. It does not look like one but it is an over sized parking lot on the backside of the market. Buses will line up there and you just find the one you need.

You get on the bus and you will pay the driver whatever the fare is (normally under $2 USD) to get anywhere you are going. Most close routes are about two tala or 80 cents American.

The only thing to know is buses going on the North Coast towards Faleolo Airport and Mulifanua Wharf (boat to Savaii) are at the market and the buses going to the South Coast are over at the Old Flea Market. (Update: the Flea Market burned down so this might have changed)

Once you find the right bus and get on, it is a waiting game. The driver will want to get the bus as full as he can or as full as he thinks people are waiting around on the road before leaving. This can be 5 minutes or an hour. He is the driver so you are at his mercy ultimately.

After the waiting is over, he will be on the road and you are getting to enjoy riding the Samoan bus!

They love their stereos!

One thing about the drivers is they spend alot of money on stereos and the youth love it. It turns into a concern sometimes with everyone singing along. It is quite the unique thing if you really think about it. It is nothing like I have seen in America; that much is for sure.

It will be a mix of American, British, and local Samoan music coming out of the deep bass under the back seat of the bus.

I realize the older backpackers might not enjoy it as much but it is part of your Samoan experience, right?

Buses stop around 5pm

The only real issue with buses are after about five in the evening. The drivers goes home until the morning and you are no option but to use a taxi at that point. The bus system in Samoa seems to be very religious about running from six in the morning to five in the evening.

There is no buses at all on Sundays. Samoa is deeply religious. With that said, almost everything is closed on Sundays and there is no need for bus service. Wherever you find yourself on Saturday at 5pm is where you will stay until Monday morning.

Samoa Shipping & ferry to American Samoa

Samoa Shipping Corporation, a government owned company has a ferry that runs from Apia to Pago Pago once a week. While many would opt for the Inter Island Airways travel; taking the over night ferry to American Samoa might interest people. Read more

Traveling to Samoa’s South Coast

On the main island of Samoa, Upolu, there is mainly one place that backpackers and tourist alike go: the south coast. This is where all the good beaches are and where most of the fale operation exist as well. Read more


Eating guide to Apia, Samoa

If you are in Samoa, you will spend at least a day in Apia. You will need to get some food at some point. There is always a need for eating in Samoa. This little guide is to help you find some decent places to check out along the way. Read more

Fa’a Samoa: the Samoan culture

Fa’a Samoa! It is the word used by the local to talk about the Samoan culture. Read more

Samoa Holidays is awaiting you!

The idea of having a Samoa holidays is quite common really. Many thing about it but just how realistic is it? After all, Samoa is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, right?

The good new is that can do Samoa pretty cheaply if you know what you are doing. There is not considering the Flights to Samoa issue. Read more

How to get cheap flights to Samoa

If you are looking cheap flights to Samoa, you are climbing a very steep hill. There is no Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or Southwest Airlines in the South Pacific. Flights are expensive in Oceania. However, I have found some keys to getting the cost down a little.

The first thing I need to say is things change when it comes to airlines so quickly in the South Pacific, this is only current as of June 2016. Read more

Polynesian Airlines to American Samoa

If you are going to American Samoa, one option would be to use Polynesian Airlines. They are the airline that is owned by the government in Samoa and they currently only serve Tutuila from the Fagali Airport. Read more