Fales in Samoa are awesome!

One of the most amazing things about visiting Samoa is the beach fales that you can stay in for cheap. This is especially true on the South Coast of the main land and the bigger island, Savaii.  Read more


Yap is quite the cool place!

In the nation of Micronesia, you find an island known as Yap. It is like the rest of Micronesia, a freely associated state of the United States but that is about as American as it get to be honest. Read more

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Flying out of El Nido Airport!

I found myself in El Nido, Palawan and needing to fly back to Manila right away. The airport that is close by is privately owned and used by an airline owned by one of the resorts. The only other option that I had was a seven hour journey back to Puerto Princesa (which I didn’t have the time). Read more