Air Vanuatu is going to Suva City

I am not sure how long they have been doing this but I just noticed that Air Vanuatu is now serving Suva, or Nausori International Airport, more correctly.

While this might not matter for many, if you are coming from the Northern part of Fiji or the Pacific Harbour, transiting through Suva saves a four hour drive to Nadi International Airport. I am not a fan of that trip that is a killer of my whole day! I didn’t come to the Pacific to run buses for several hours at a time.

Air Vanuatu looks like they are trying to expand in the region and that is good for everyone. Fiji Airways need some healthy competition. They are the only non- Fiji Airways flight out of Suva.

This is good for backpackers

There is three reasons that this is good for us.

When we want to see the nation of Vanuatu, we can get there by air pretty easily. The airport in Suva is not crowded and check in is normally about five minutes. That is always good.

If you need to do a “visa run,” it is a quick flight to Port Vila on Air Vanuatu. The chances that you would just run there and run back are small but that option is there now.

The third reason is the flights seem to be pretty cheap. I looked today and there is flights for a little over $100 USD. That makes it another realistic option when traveling in the Pacific.

Air Vanuatu and that runway thing

Last year, everyone pulled out of the country because they said the runways was unacceptable. In the end, World Bank and others stepped in and have major way done to it. Today, Virgin Australia is back and Air New Zealand should be back very soon.

I do not think that the runway thing is an issue at this point and everything has been fixed.


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