Why I love Amazon Kindle!

One of the best tools I have is honestly my Amazon Kindle. I still remember when I hear about it coming out. I was pumped. You would have to have lived overseas to understand why it is a heaven send to me.

The idea behind it is that you can get books cheaper and digitally so there is no shipping and you can have them on the fly. This saved me a lot of being ticked off when I was writing papers in college and needed a book that I didn’t have. A few bucks and clicks and I had the book that I need right there.

They have really stepped up the game since them and they have applications for PC, smartphones and Windows. I have an actual Kindle (highly recommended), on my laptop and my phone as well.

Kindle comes in several sizes

How I came to love Amazon Kindle

I was living in Asia and traveling to the South Pacific alot. I found that getting books was hard and getting them mailed to me was either impossible or very expensive. I needed to work around that somehow. At the time, I was just trying to use blogs online to stay updated on things that I study.

I was back in the States at the time so I walked into Best Buy and picked up my first Amazon Kindle and subscribed to the Kansas City Star to get my newspaper delivered to me daily. I loaded all my books on the Kindle and it became a trusted friend ever since.

While I do miss the hard copies of books, the Amazon Kindle has been the answer to the problem that I had living overseas. It also makes moving around in general alot easier. I can have a 1000 books on a device in my bag. I can’t do that with hard copies.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is easy to carry around

Is the Kindle for you?

I honestly think everyone should get one. While you can use it on your tablet, it is not the same as having the actual Amazon Kindle. The good news is that the prices have come way down too.

The entry level into the market is $49. Yea, that has some odds on the screen when you aren’t using it but it is very cheap and amazingly useful. I will be dropping the money for a Amazon Kindle Voyage very soon.

If you want to get one, use this link. Doing so help keep Last Kodiak on the road bringing you useful information.