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Amazon Locker : My experience with Amazon’s new shipping solution

My charger for the GoPro Hero 3+ and I was going to running around Kansas City all day. I found the solution was to ship it using Amazon Locker because they will include Prime for free which means it would be there the next day. 

I had not tried this much but I kinda understood that is was basically like a postal box for package that Amazon had around the country. According to their website, they have over 3,000 of them across the United States.

I like a lot of what Amazon is trying to do to compete with UPS and Fedex directly in the marketing of logistics. Another player in the market can only benefit people like you and me. If this Amazon Locker thing works out (and the drone concept as well), it could really disrupt some things in the marketplace.

How does Amazon Locker work?

I went to check out just like I would for anything else and just use Amazon Locker for the shipping address. They are mostly at Whole Foods and there is some other locations. You just find whatever one is closest to you and select it for the address to ship to. After that, check out.

Once you are done, you will get the normal email you get from Amazon for something that you buy but you will also get one about Amazon locker. Below in the one that I got.

Amazon Locker

The next step is when you get the text that your package is ready for pickup, you would go and enter the code into the screen at the center of the boxes. If entered correctly, only your box will open.

That’s it. All you need to know.

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