Why I believe in America : How living in Asia taught me to love the United States

I grew up in the Midwest and always was given a deep respect for the country. We salute the flag, we say the pledge, we stand for the national anthem. Things like these were just not optional for me. I am not ashamed to call myself an American.

There is a growing numbers of Americans that are leaving the country only to trash the very place that gave them everything they have. The education they claim to have was a gift from the American people. The same is true with about everything else but they are some of the ungrateful people I have ever meet.

It made me really rethink what I believe about being American. I realized that I am much more proud to be an American that I had even thought. When I hear people mock the national anthem, I want to stand for it.

When I hear these unthankful American men (that ironically are only in Asia to be womanizers ruining the futures of native poor women) trash American women, it makes me proud to know some great women who love their families and are faithful to their husbands. Women who are married to the man of their youth and will die being loyal to the same man.

I love America’s culture

One of the things that some people put out is that America does not have a culture and this is just a flat out lie. America has a deep culture and it has welcomed people from every other culture known to humanity. The same can’t be said about a lot of countries around the world.

When Asians come to the United States, we let them have their culture within our culture. They can operate dually culturally and Americans are very understanding of that. However, Americans are not given the same treatment when they live in Asia. This hypocrisy made me love my culture even more.

There is something to be said for American hospitality where people respect you and people value life. After being in Asia, one come to the realization that not every smile is authentic in the world and it is a warm feeling to know the southern hospitality is still alive.

There is something to be said for people that don’t know each other being friends twenty minutes later. This mentality is something that is truly American and most of the world seemly does not share.

Americans will kick back and drink a beer (I personally don’t drink) and watch a college football and everyone gets along no matter which team they are supporting. They respect other’s views and convictions as well. They do not troll people just for feeling a little different. The governing rule of social America remains, “We can agree to disagree.”

The longer I am away from the United States, the more I miss the Southern Belle, freedom loving, God fearing, American people who believe in Jesus and in country. People who are not afraid to stand up and say I am proud to be an American.

How Last Kodiak came into existence

As I listening to this unthankful Americans doing this non-stop bashing, I started to think of how I could talk about the amazing things that make America the greatest country in the world. As a travel blogger that focuses on international locations, I turned to making a new blog. I wanted a website that was completely focused on helping people seeing America’s beauty, experience our wonderful culture and meet some truly authentic people.

The final straw what when a guy that told me that majority of America’s youth is unable to camp or even tie a knot. After some research, his statement was proven to be completely out of context. However, the numbers that I did find was not very positive. It was true that over 40% of our youth have never been camping. That is a little concerning.

As I started this website, it just started to grow with more and more love for America. I realized that it were expand and will, in time, become my main website. It is going to be a full time job running Last Kodiak and I know that going in it. I am willing to do for America’s youth. 

I started to talk to people who I haven’t really had discussions with for many years about this project. People that I was in 4-H with and a Boy Scout alongside. I started to discuss things with friends who served in the military as well. The feedback for the project was overwhelming.

What will the website be about?

It will feature practical things people can do on a day trip depending where they live. Kansas City was the first city to be featured just because I have personal knowledge of the city. However, cities and areas will be added quickly until we have the whole country covered.

There will also be coming a section known as “Kodiak Pit.” I have been talking with a friend from high school that is a pitmaster at a major barbecue house in Kansas City. We are talking about a whole section that is just about America’s love for barbecue!

Another section that is being planned is going to be called “Camp Kodiak.” It will be completely focused on camping and doing things in the wilderness. This is something that is needed if you take the numbers that Field and Stream is putting out.

The last section that will be featured for now will be called State Parks of America. It will just that: about the state parks in America. Many know about our amazing National Park system but every state also has their own vast state park system. We want to help people get out and see them too.

Last Kodiak is without reservation American.

The vision is about our country, culture, people and values. We are not ashamed to be who we are. In the event that Last Kodiak is outside of the country for something, there will be hiding our flag or our values. We will gladly sing, I am proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood.

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