Traveling across America using Amtrak : Making a case for using trains to travel the United States

Most people just want to jump on a plane and jet set to some part of the country but I actually prefer to use Amtrak. I am a fan of the train system for some reason. If anything, I wish the US Congress would make a revival of the train system something of importance. 

Much of our history is of train travel. It was part of what Jesse James famous (ok, the robbing them part) it was how people moved around the country for over a century. However, the last fifty years, the whole system has been pushed to the history books for most part.

There are a time that cities has stations like Kansas City Union Station that had tens of thousands of people process through them every month. I found that it doesn’t need to be a thing of the past, though. Using the Amtrak system is still relevant!

The system still covers most main routes across the mainland and there is another train system for Alaska. I have not tried it but I am use the Amtrak from Boston to San Diego and from Seattle to Miami.

3 reasons to consider using the Amtrak over flying

I could really make this a list of ten if I really need to but I will make it is a shorter top three. There is many benefits to using one. One of them that is not on the list is by using it, you are protecting your investment as a taxpayer. It is the interest of the average American to make sure the train system is used as much as possible. Don’t forget that the train system is a company owned by the American taxpayer.

Using Amtrak is relaxing

I am 6’3″ and about 240 pounds. Sitting in a small airline seat that are made for a small Chinese teenager (it seems) does not work. Four hours on a flight between New York and Los Angeles sitting like that is eternity. I would much rather relax in a comfortable chair that leans back for a day than being in a position that I haven’t been in since my wrestling days for a few hours.

When I make the trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles, I often am able to read a book on my Kindle while just enjoying the ease that I would never get on a United flight.

Using the Amtrak to go to festivals at Joshua Tree National Park is ideal.

Using Amtrak to see the countryside

One of the best things about the train is the observation car. It is normally all glass and you can look at the beautiful countryside as you pass it by. Nothing against flying on Southwest but the view out the window looks much better at ground level than at 32,000 feet and cruising.

One of the best memories traveling was taking the train through the Rocky mountains in Colorado a few days after they had a snowstorm. It was an amazing site to see. I also enjoyed watching the corn fields of Ohio and Indiana and be reminded of the strength of the American farmer.

The people you will meet on Amtrak

When you are flying, you are normally just in the “Hello, my name is….” mode. That is about all you know about the person next to you on the flight to Dallas/Fort Worth. However, when you are on the train and looking at a 24 hour journey, you are more interesting in hearing their story to pass the time.

I have met some very interesting people on the monthly trips I use to make to Los Angeles. People who had just lost a baby, people who was moving, people who had major life changes. It was warming to be allowed a small window into their lives just by being the guy next to them on the train ride.

Have you used the train in America?

If you have tried using it, I would love to hear about your experience.  While I have always had amazing experiences, yours might be different. Let’s us about it! Also, tell us about what you enjoyed about the train as well.

I encourage everyone to try and use the train more as this is tax funded. I do not want to see it be a complete thing of the past someday because Americans totally quit using the Amtrak system.