Are Fijians friendly?

Fijians are amazing people. No questions about it. The people of Fiji are an interesting mix of people. You have a bunch of Fijians, Indians, Polynesians, Chinese and some white people. All are quite the great people.

Amazing People

What I love about Fiji is not the tour packages or the tourism gigs. What I love is spending time in the real villages. I spend a month in the villages of Lebanon, Kiuva, and Waisslima. The life of the Fijians is not found in the nightclubs of Suva but in the villages along the coast. This is where the real Fiji happens. 

Many come to Fiji and never see the villages of Fiji. There is nothing like sitting down until six in the morning drinking grog listening to the older Fijians talking life under the British. You will hear stories you couldn’t dream of.

While I was in Kiuva, some of the guys even took me out fishing with a sphere gun and I didn’t go very good but it was a blast anyways.

Are the Indians Fijians?

Alot has been said over the years about the Indians in Fiji. They are different. They live different. They have different problems. However, for the most part, they are great people. Indians globally are known to be quite the cut thrown business people but if money is not on the table; you will have no problem with the Indians in Fiji.

In my experience, the Indians are more in touch with the rest of the world. They tend to be the ones in business and tourism. Most of the experiences you will have in the first day you are in Fiji will be interacting with the Indians.

Relax, they are alot better than some online articles make them out to be.

What about Polynesians, Chinese and White people?

The Polynesians you will see are mostly from Fiji actually. They are from the outer islands of Lau or Rotuma that traces to Samoa. The hospitality of the Polynesians in Fiji is world class. They just love people. They might even try and talk you into going to Rotuma.

The Chinese population mainly just runs a row of resturant in Suva and has little dinery all across Fiji. These are great places to drop in, have a $5 meal. ($2.50) Most of them can’t speak English and that is a score of frustration but that’s life.

The white is left over mostly from the British. They were here, had kids that in turn had kids. What you have now is a small white population that is mainly gathered in the Pacific Harbour and they just run their small businesses and live like everyone else. There are also extremely helpful for the most part.

How to have a great time with Fijians

In America, it is a common belief that if you want a good day at a family reunion, do not bring up religion or politics. In Fiji, that is even more true! Religion and Politics are both a very ugly business in the islands. Both have a very dark past. For a good time, just start clear of both of us.

If they ask to church, understand they will put pressure on you to give them money for “the poor.” Just be aware of that beforehand. It is up to you if you want to accept that or not.

I hope you enjoy the Fijians as I did.

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