Art Village @ Pacific Harbour in Fiji

If you are going from Nadi to Suva, you will pass what they call the Art Village in the Pacific Harbour on the main island of Fiji. It was his grand plan to develop a city for people to retire to. It didn’t work out but it does have some very cool stuff for backpackers now. 

Basically what happened is they tried to build a residental community of mostly upper class people in Fijians and and a retirement community but it never really sold much of anything to speak of. Today, the very nice home are most rentals and using for short term stays visiting Fiji.

Just about 50 kilometers outside of Siva, it does make it ideal for a commute. However, it is also a great place for people, Fijians and tourist alike to come and explore on a slow afternoon. To be honest, the Art Village at Pacific Harbour is one of my favorite place to go in all of Fiji.

I would typically leave from Suva around nine in the morning and be home back in Suva by dinner. However, I am a “local tourist.” Let’s look at it from a tourist point of view, shall we?

Art Village is a misplaced mall

In the western world, this would be called more a strip mall than anything else but it does have quite a bit of stuff in it. Of course there are some shops selling tourist kava bowls and stuff. However, there is a small grocery store, bank, restaurants, etc as well.

What I like about it is just how quiet it really is. You can relax and enjoy the day in peace. When you live in big cities or are around Suva that is quite busy most of the time; have some peace and quiet in the Pacific Harbour is very nice.

Of course, it goes without saying that the prices there are premium. I would normally stop off at Navua that is a town about 10 kilometres away on my way from Suva. They have all your normal stuff like MH Supermarket at standard prices. If you are looking for a day at the beach, it is much better to get it in Navua than at the Art Village at Pacific Harbour.

If you are looking for a nice lunch at a little inflated prices, it is the place to do it. I had a great chicken  there and it was just about seven US dollars. It might (would have) been cheaper in Suva or Navua but I was paying for the experience, not just for the food, right?

Art Village is a cool neighborhood

I would for sure stay there for a few days if I was going through Fiji. There is some great places to stay. I have been to the Uprising Resort that has dorms for about $65 FJD. Another option is down the road at Club Oceanus. They also have a dorm for $38 FJD. They are right on the river. Very cool place and the bar is the best in the Pacific Harbour area.

I am saying that basically you have many options beside the over priced option at the Art Village and everything is within walking distance. The most anything is apart is 100 meters. Just find what works for you in the Pacific Harbour and enjoy the time.

Another thing that I really recommended is try to go into the local village and meet some locals. They are very friendly and I have nothing but positive experience when I had interactions with the Fijians.

Many of the Fijians love their kava so if you bring a little kava along; you will be forever loved by all. Normally a kilo of it ($15 or so) will last everyone all evening. It is a small investment to bring smiles to many people.


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