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Fales in Samoa are awesome!

One of the most amazing things about visiting Samoa is the beach fales that you can stay in for cheap. This is especially true on the South Coast of the main land and the bigger island, Savaii. 


Housing Crisis in Kansas City?

Many have talked about the housing crisis in Kansas City around the coffee table at Parena Bread but it seems that even the Kansas City Star believes there is a serious housing crisis in Kansas City, at least in downtown. On April 20, they publish an article about it called, Shortage of low income downtown […]

Open Letter to Walt Disney

Dear Bob Iger and Walt Disney, This is one of those boring old open letters. I am from Kansas City, the hometown of Walt Disney. I know many people forget that he is from here and part of the reason for that is you and your company has forgotten it as well. However, without Kansas City; […]