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Where to party in Fiji

Alot of people want to party in Fiji. In fact, the party goes to Sunrise in this exotic Pacific nation. The Fijian love to drink. They will go to the clubs every weekend and it is a way of life for many of them. After dealing with work all week, Friday night will see the […]

Riding the bus in Fiji

If you are on a tight budget, you will probably be going around Fiji on public transport. The bus are pretty decent but be warned: they are on Fiji time. Fiji bus is not a bad way to go. The Fiji bus system is two fold: local and cross island. If you are going local, […]

Is the Pacific Harbour worth it?

Alot of people like to go to Pacific Harbour in Fiji but is it really a good place for backpackers. If you are a backpacker with a decent amount of cash? Yes. Pacific Harbour is not Nadi but it is not Yasawa Islands either. You can find some quite good things to do there. According […]

How to get around Nadi

Nadi, Fiji is a cool little town but it is known also for its tourist traps. Some believe Nadi’s resident think white people are ATM machines. That could be true. What is Nadi like? Nadi is basically three roads. The main road that goes through the town and runs out to become the highway again […]

Village life in Samoa

Going to a Samoan village can be quite the educational encounter. You can learn alot about a culture that is basically untouched by Western ideals for the most part. Note: this article is written in the context of (Western) Samoa, not American Samoa. The experience would differ a little. What is life like in a Samoan […]

Are Fijians friendly?

Fijians are amazing people. No questions about it. The people of Fiji are an interesting mix of people. You have a bunch of Fijians, Indians, Polynesians, Chinese and some white people. All are quite the great people. Amazing People What I love about Fiji is not the tour packages or the tourism gigs. What I […]

Kadavu: Fiji Unspoiled

I was at Horizon Beach Backpackers one day and I met a German that frustrated with Nadi’s “ATM culture” (white people are just money machines). He wanted to go to Kadavu. He had heard about the kava from there. We went to Suva that is a few hours away and found the Valesasa Trasportation Company. It […]