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How to take the ferry from Manila to Coron

Taking the ferry from Manila to Coron can be a challenge but the good news is the transportation system, namely the ferries, are slowly getting better. Coron, while popular for tourists, is still a small island group with a limited amount of Filipinos living on it. Ferry companies mainly cater to locals, not tourists so […]

Ultimate Travel guide to Golden Gloves Boxing

It is spring time again and that means it is the time of Golden Gloves boxing across the country. It all got started in late January for Buffalo Golden Gloves and will end with late April in New Mexico. This year, the national Golden Gloves will be in Nebraska in early May. 

Cheap Flight to American Samoa?

One of the most common questions that I hear is about cheap flights to American Samoa. After looking online, people want to know if they even exist and if there is a way to get to American Samoa on a backpackers budget. The simple answer is not really. The complex answer is maybe.