Finding the ideal Smoker for the road: What is the best Barbecue smoker?

One of the channels on Youtube that I watch is BBQ Pit Boys (highly recommended). When I started at looking at getting a barbecue smoker for Kodiak Kitchen, I really wanted to get one from them. The problem is I am not ready to spend $1,200 on one quite yet.

Having a barbecue smoker when I travel in the United States will be critical. It is important to have because I can cook up some baby back ribs in the middle of a parking lot at a rest stop if I have a few extra hours. All I would need is some hard wood, the smoker pulled off the truck and the time to smoke it. It is really ideal to have in soo many ways.

I need something that is also able to used charcoal as well. In the event, there is not wood around; I can run into a grocery store anywhere and pick up a bag and I am in business for dinner if I need to smoke some burgers. While I will be the first to say that using charcoal sucks compared to hickory wood; it is nice to have in a quick fix.

What are some cheap options for Barbecue smokers?

Well, we would start with Wal-Mart, right? While they have some cheaper options, I want would not go any cheaper on quality that using Oklahoma Joe’s Highland smoker for $249. This is smaller so it is easy to move around, it can use both wood and charcoal which is important and it is build to last.

One of the benefits of using this one from Oklahoma Joe’s is that large wheel base that it has. This will make moving it around a campsite quite easy and this is important when you are dealing with rough terrain.