Why bloggers should focus on America

I am a blogger. I am not just a blogger but I am a travel blogger. As such I write about different places and as I looking through some stuff for Travel the Fire!, I realized something: people coming the United States were almost 1000% more valuable to the website than from any other country. 

The numbers are staggering to be honest. For every thousand views I had, I would make on average $12.40. The same amount of views from Australia was closer to $6 and the Philippines came in a whooping $.77.

While I have gotten a lot of traffic from the United States from people looking to visit the Pacific and Asia, I started to consider what would happen if I could have mostly American traffic reading about American tourism. If they could have that RPM (rate for thousand view) for all the traffic, could it become much more revenue?

October stats for Travel the Fire!

Are you blogging about America?

If you are a travel blogger, you should be. Having American readership will help your bank accounts. At the end of the day, being a blogger is hard work and we need to make money to travel and to eat at the same time.

I understand that many do not see the value in it and I am not sure that I did until I was looking around some stats at Adsense and realize that almost all my revenue was coming views from the United States but about 54% of my views where from somewhere else. It makes me realize I needed to change something.

If your number look anything like mine, you should very serious think about focusing some content to these readers. It is something that I think any blogger should think about, especially a travel blogger such as I am.