BlueSky American Samoa has wifi on island!

If you are needing to get online while in American Samoa, your best bet would be to use the wifi cards offered by BlueSky American Samoa. They have developed it over the last few years. It is not the fastest in the world but it does work and it is unlimited. That is not common in the South Pacific.

According to their website, BlueSky American Samoa has daily, weekly, and monthly passes. The good thing is when you log out, your time stopped. So a daily pass is really 24 hours, not just the next 24 hours. If you are a light user, that $10 pass could last you your whole stay in American Samoa.

As far as speeds, the main thing depend what time of day it was and what was happening with the weather. I never saw speeds of over 2mbps and could see it come to a crawl. The best time to go is during the evening when all the people quit watching Youtube at the government’s offices. My experience is about 7-8:30pm was the ideal time for using the internet.

The other ideal time was about three in the morning when the whole island is sleeping. That was the times that I could get up to 2mbps without a problem!

BlueSky American Samoa has worked with many resturants and hotels to hook up their BlueZone service as they call it. Some of the places that I used it was McDonalds, Carl’s Jr, Kokobean, Tradewinds Hotel and the Tufuna International Hotel.

One thing that was the case (and still seems to be the case) is most of the BlueZone locations is on the western side of American Samoa. If you lived on the eastern side, you will have to try and find someone with DSL from American Samoa Telecommunications Authority. It is what it is.

Update: BlueSky is sold to Vodafone

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings based in Suva, Fiji has bought BlueSky Samoa and Bluesky American Samoa. It has been not approved by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC but they did give Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP a license to provide data to American Samoa. This matters because more content should be come to the home faster….at least in theory.

It seems the hold up is about a foreign company owning an American company. However, the company selling it is based in Spain. It seems, to me at least, they want a company based in the United States to own the telecommunication company in American Samoa.

In my personal opinion, it seems that there is some behind the scene going on by government owned American Samoa Telecommunications Authority that is more interested in being a cash cow for the government than actually providing quality services to the residents of the island and the visitors from the mainland United States.


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