Breakfast for “rainy days” in the Philippines

While living in the Philippines, there are times that I can”t go anywhere in the mornings for breakfasts. That is one of the issues that people in a tropical nation during “rainy” face. So, what people do for food in the mornings?

I am not sure what others do but I have a basic plan to get me through the rainy days. When I say basic, I do mean basic too.

  • Packet of Tang Orange
  • Loft of Bread
  • Peter Pan Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Honey
  • Bananas

I actually learned this when I live in American Samoa. I was in a village that didn’t have a store. It was 4 miles to the closest place to get any types of groceries at all. When rainy season, it came too!

So what is my basic breakfast?

It is simple. I just make some toast, cover it with Peter Pan Peanut Butter, cover the Peter Pan with honey and enjoy the toast.

I also eat a few bananas with it and call it a meal. It is not much but it works when it is just too wet outside to run to a restaurant.

I make the Tang Orange drink into a liter and consume it as well. It gives me some vitamins since I can’t go get some Minute Maid that I normally drink every morning.

If you want a more serious note of my basic breakfast, check out this recipe on

Why Toast and Bananas?

It is easy, I can’t mess it up, and there is little cleanup afterwards to be done. I like being easy as my cooking skills are somewhat limited.

Some people might think it is going cheap but really, Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Honey is far from cheap in the Philippines. Both of these items are in the $5-10 range each. I normally do use local honey but the local peanut butter is just too dry for me.

What is your breakfast of a rainy day?

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