Dating a Fijian woman is interesting : My experince with dating local in Fiji Islands

I opened my email this morning to a message from a reader who wanted to know what dating a Fijian woman is like. Well, I guess it is a good thing that I do have some experience in that area. In short, dating a Fijian does have some benefits but it also has some limitations. All in all, it comes down to perferance and if you can live in a country without dating and sex or not.  Read more

Going to school while traveling the world: How to continue education as a traveler

One of the things I have been doing is slowly continuing my education while away from home. While it can be harder, it is very possible. For people who travel often sitting in a traditional classroom is not normally an option. What is some of the benefits and some of the limitations?  Read more

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What the Samoa passport scandal means to travelers to the Samoan Islands

There is a scandal underway concerning Samoan passports. It seems to go all the way up to the Prime Minister (not a surprise) and involves several levels of leadership. Part of this is being blown out by a mysterious guy named OLP (clearly not his real name). However, it could have some indirectly effects on travelers to Samoa. Read more

Why I support Donald Trump and stand against Rodrigo Duterte!

Last night, I was is a discussion that I really did not want to have. It was with another blogger that doesn’t like the fact I am support the “pussy grabber.” (Never mind all the cases of Democrat and sexual harassment in offices!) He thought it was hypocritical of me to be a Trump supporter and a traveler. I do not see that one has anything to do with the other. Read more


Samoa Air is bad news for Samoa : Why the new flag carrier will harm tourism!

I have been following this launch of Samoa Air, the new airlines that is owned by the government of Samoa and seeing how they developed it. Too be quite honest, I am holding my breath about it because while Samoans can do many things, running large corporations does not seem to be in their skill set. The list of failed airlines in Samoa is quite long. Read more

7 hidden places to explore the Philippines!

The Philippines is known for places like Boracay, Bohol and of course, Palawan. However, the country has some other amazing places off the beaten path if you want to venture out and find them. As someone who has been about everywhere (besides Batanes), I want to give you seven places you might think of trying where you are not just a walking ATM card. Read more

Traveling the world with disabilities : How is being a world traveler with Epilepsy

Many people look at me and think I am just another guy. I might seem a little odd to a few but to most, I am just another nomad. However, what most do not know is that I have a medical disability. I am 100% disabled according to the US Government due to Epilepsy. I have a seizure disorder and hardly anyone knows about it until something goes wrong. Read more

Calling the Pacific nations using Skype

Calling the Pacific can be quite pricy. While sometimes, using applications like Skype can save you some money, the truth is that calling the Islands is still going to cost you a pretty penny in many cases. Read more

Lotus Garden Hotel has a MAJOR customer service problem! I HIGHLY discourage going there!

Several months ago, I wrote about Lotus Garden Hotel in Ermita, Manila had one of the best breakfast buffet in Manila. However, this article will replace that and no matter of good cooking will excuse what this blog is about. Customer Service is the worst I have ever experience in all of the Philippines. Read more

Why traveling as an American is harder than people realize : Unique Challenges of being US Citizen

I am an American. I am proud of it too. I love barbeque and I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. However, when you are moving around Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa; being American is not that glamorous. The “hey joe” of Filipino culture is corky but they are completely innocent compared to the looks given to us by people in Aleppo that wish harm on us based solely on nationality. Read more