Bass Pro Shops are a redneck’s paradise : Why the popular outdoors store has developed a cult following

When I was in college, my room mate would go to the Bass Pro Shop in town to dream of what he could buy at some point. It was his love for fishing, hunting and camping that drove him to spend money he really did have to get things he really wanted to have for his passions. He is not alone. The truth is the brand has quite a following…..almost a cult following surrounding Bass Pro Shops.

Back in the those days, it was just a five mile drive to get to the store in Springfield, Missouri. There is an endless supply of eye candy for people like him that love lures, boats, rifles and about anything related to hunting and fishing that you could dream of.

It is amazing how a little side business in the back of a local liquor shop has become a national iconic obsession. Back in those days, you could get a fifth of Jack and some bait on your way to Table Rock Lake in Branson. By the end of the third year as a company, they had already build quite the mail order business.

After all the decades in business and opening several stores across the country, the name is very much part of the discussion for any fisherman, hunter or redneck. Visiting one of the “Wal-Mart of fishermen” is a rite of passage to many.