How to merge travel blogs (and grow your website!)

For years, I have had four websites. One of them related to theology (a passion of mine), two travel websites and one about photography (another passion). However, I took a hard look at what I was doing with them and the fact that I was doing three times the work….and then merged them. Read more

How to ship from Austin, TX

As one of the fasting growing cities in the country and what is quickly becoming the next silicon valley, one of the important things that people need is the ability to ship nationally and internationally. What are the options and which one is best for e-eCommerce? Read more

How Amazon changes will help photographers

Amazon is a company that many of us to use to get many products from including cameras and computers. They also provide many services such as Amazon Web Services that many photographers use. However, the news hit this morning that Amazon is laying off at least a hundred employees. What does it mean for consumers like us? Read more

Trey Ratliff Lightroom Presets review

Trey Ratliff from Stuck in Customs has these Lightroom presets that he sells. I was able to pick up his latest collection and I wanted to see what they would look like. Read more

Dell Latitude E5540 Review for Photographers?

I recently got a really sweet deal on a Dell Latitude E5540 which is a business laptop offered by Dell. It is not an Alienable but can it hold up to doing everything a Photographer needs to do? Read more

Nikon and their financial troubles

Nikon is having some financial troubles. We all  know this but what is the way forward. I personally do not think the direction they are going is the best option. Read more

Is Photography school for me?

I have been considering going to photography school for years. A few years ago, I wrote about the Kansas City Art institute and why it is a place to consider. I have always throw around the possibility of going to the school but never wanted to commit to being in Kansas City for several years. I just love to travel! Read more

Why SLR Foundry registered in America, not Hong Kong?

Back when the company was HDR School, we was registry in Hong Kong and when we rebranded, the opportunity presented itself to register the company where we do business, Kansas City. It was just a move that we need to do and having the tax haven is not for every business. Read more