Chattanooga, Tennessee : Gateway to the Appalachians

We are starting a series about the things to do in the Appalachians Mountains. In the first of the series, we want to look at the main city of the region, Chattanooga. It is also one of our 18 cities to visit in 2018.  What does this city of almost 200,000 people have to offer?  Read more


Considering America’s Islands for a exotic vacation in 2018

America is 50 states and we all know that. However, what many people forget about is our territories and our freely associated states. I have traveled to many of them but most Americans could not even locate them on a map. I know of one man that did not even know where Guam was! Read more


18 places to visit in 2018: the best places for a weekend getaway for under $300

2018 is here and you want to get out and see the country, I assume. If that is the case, here are the 18 places to consider for a weekend getaway in 2018. These are in no real order and they are not all in an area but we did try to keep an state to two mentions or less. Read more

Kansas City guide : 20 things to do in the City of Fountains

Kansas City is the city of fountains but there is a lot more in the city than just that if you are looking to explore the place that is known as the bread basket of America. Read more