Sony mirrorless is better? : A response to Jason Lanier

If you do not know who Jason Lanier, he is a talented photographer based in California that in 2015, switched from Nikon DSLR system to using the Sony mirrorless system. In fact, his “claim to fame” seems to be his switch to mirrorless. Read more

St. Joseph, Missouri is a cool town!

St. Joseph, Missouri is really an oversized town more than a city but it is also my hometown. I rarely write about this and I am not one of these “hometown proud” types of guys but I had the opportunity to do a post about it, so here we are. I do enjoy the friendships and the people I have meet in “Joe Town.” I am also proudly a graduate of Lafayette High School on the north side. Read more

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Nikon Philippines is broken!

It is no secret that there is no love lost between myself the the national team at Nikon Philippines. When Columbia ran it; things were great. Think Dharma took over and it has been nothing but hell on earth for Nikon users. It has fundamental problems in communication and in support. No two ways about it.

If you can’t serve the community, you should not be the supplier. The truth of the matter is most camera shops only sell grey market models because working with Think Dharma would run them completely out of business.  To think that Herny’s Camera, the largest camera shop in the Philippines with a half a dozen locations only deals in the grey market is concerning. It is concerning for everyone.

I do not know if Nikon Philippines will ever get their act together and if they do not, I see no logical reason anyone would buy locally when prices in the United States are at least a quarter lower. If I have to go grey, I will go as cheap as I can. Best sale or promotional will win my business.

Nikon Philippines has a communication problem

Below is a facebook message from me to Nikon Philippines’ facebook page. Notice the date? Nikon D7200, the system in question was officially released March 19, 2015. What does it matter? They very likely had the camera in the country to have to ready to sell on the release date but the marketing team, the very one that should know did not.


If Nikon really did not know they was releasing the new body in a few weeks, it is a communication problem between them and Nikon Corporation in Japan. If they did know but the marketing team did not, it is a communication from inside of the Nikon Philippines. No matter how you look at it, it is concerning for good reasons.

If they can’t fix this, I would hope Nikon Corporation would change their warranty agreement so we could get our models serviced in Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan. To be honest, I trust the team in Hong Kong over the Filipino team anyways.

Buying Nikon USA makes sense for Filipinos

The market in the United States is very tight and the quality control is very high. Only the best quality can be sold and in America, your brand name actually means something.

Buying gear in the United States (and shipping it to the Philippines via Johnny Air) just makes sense for now. We have nothing to gain from buying it locally in Manila. Filipino pride only goes so far when it becomes dollars and cents. No need for pogi points!



Jason Lanier is a paid hack

Ever wonder what popular vlogger told me to marry my Nikon D7000 (that I hardly use)? It was Jason Lanier, the regular Sony worshipper. I do not think I have ever seen a person so obsessed with being a gear whore in my life. He does not use the gear; the gear uses him. We call these people the infamous Sony Snobs.

Before I get into this, let me be very clear: he is a very talented photographer and does make amazing pictures. He is also a master at using lighting. I use to (and still do at times) watch his videos just to see the amazing images he puts together. I really did enjoy his older videos when he was using the Nikon D800 too.

The problem is not his craft; that is solid. The problem is first his obsession with a tool to do the craft and secondly, his ego is out of control. That is what concerns me. Truth be told, I kinda liked the guy at one point. I didn’t like him well enough to pay $600 for his photowalks, but I did like him nevertheless.

One thing that bothers me is anyone that disagrees with him, he lashes out at. This includes people like Jared Polin, one of the world’s most respected photographers.

Jason Lanier is a paid hack by Sony

Jason Lanier

Jason Lanier being questioned by police about permits.

If you watch any of the videos, you will notice he pimps Sony like crazy. He is also a Sony Artisan of Imagery. It is something that Sony gives out to professional photographer in exchange for being a sony snob and a gear whore. There is more to it but that is basically how it works. If you notice, since he took the “honor,” he has nothing but praise for every single move Sony makes.

I was interested in it all because about the same time, I was playing around with Sony mirrorless cameras too. I had picked up the Sony A6000 and even got a Sony A7 to try and see if making the switch would be worth it. I ended up selling all my Sony gear. Here is 10 reasons I sold my Sony.

I think when photographers start being ambassadors for brands, they start being whores. I had the chance to a Representative for a gear company in the Philippines and I was asked by Nikon Philippines to do some stuff. In both cases, I basically gave them the middle finger. I could not be without bias and also be a partner in a project.

A recent video I saw was him pimping the world’s most over-rated camera, the Sony A7rII, as the world’s best. I am sure any camera is great when you have Nikon’s holy trinity in front of it! Sony still have a “Lensgate” problem but don’t tell Jason Lanier that…. he won’t believe you.

What concerns is when people like him put more attention on the camera they use than the image they capture. I have seen some of the world’s greatest photographers’ bodies. Why is it only Sony snobs point out it was shot on a Sony mirrorless camera. Nikon and Canon boys don’t seem to do it…. only Sony snobs.

I think it is sad really.

Jason Lanier in Africa.

It just takes away from what Jason could offer to the photography community. He has some real skill when it comes to building an image with lighting. I am not talking about pimping Rotolight either. I am talking about actually helping people build an image with lighting that an average photographer can afford.

That means using the cheapest stuff on the market, Jason. I did my first portrait shoot with my desk lamp and wax paper to soft it. That was a $3.25 budget shoot. Believe it or not, this is what non-professional have to spend or close to it. Few are throwing down $500 on one light. It does not matter how awesome they are.

Doing videos about how to build lighting and even some Lightroom tutorials would do far more for the photography community than pimping a Sony camera out and trying to whore for Rotolight.

This is one reason I like watch Serge Ramelli and his videos. He does not pimp any model of gear and teaches things that work no matter what brand you have. The community needs more of that and less of the gear whoring. I have learned more from Serge and a few others than I did watch 100 videos from Jason Lanier.

Photographers need alot less ego

Jason Lanier Production shotI am not sure why but the photography scene seems to be full of complete assholes who do not little but compare how big their @##$ are. They do nothing but put down people’s work. Jason did this with Jared Polin (FroknowsPhoto). If I had to list the biggest jerks I know, at least half of the list would own a professional grade camera. This is not healthy for the photography community at large.

The condition of what is happening with photographer has concerned me for years. It is like a “every man for himself” dog-eat-dog environment. It is a place where you fear to ask a question, lest you are gang up on and beated down. I have seen this happen time and time again. It is not just Jason doing this but he has done it more time than he wants to admit.

Note: I realize many people have different views on Jason Lanier and what he has done with the Sony brand. I believe in free expression but please don’t attack people and be civil. If not, I will use the delete button for comments.